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Waitrose takes an organic approach in store - refill stations!

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So we were super excited to find out that the big supermarkets in the UK are now starting to get onboard with plastic free packaging - at last!

Bringing your own bags to the supermarket is something most people are onboard with these days. With Supermarkets cutting down on the use of plastic bags for sometime.

Last month, Morrisons made the switch paper bags in all its stores while Co-op has been using compostable bags to replace single-use plastic bags in some stores.

However, reducing single use plastic bags is such a small step when you think about the amount of plastic in your average weekly shop...

So we were super excited this week to learn that Waitrose has started a trial with refill stations in one of its stores.  

The trial will be taking place in Oxford, UK with hundreds of products removed from their usual packaging and presented in a ‘pick & mix’ style. Customers can bring their own packaging or make use of the rental packaging options available - and guess what, the products in these unpacked refill stations will be up to 15% cheaper!  

Lots of products are affected by the amazing change, including flowers, plants, pasta, rice and cereals.

Waitrose, part of John Lewis & Partners, also says it will be the first to offer "pick and mix" frozen fruit. Saying they want to find out how people might shop in the future.

Although they are not re-creating the wheel with this style of grocery shopping, it is great to see big chain supermarket stores taking inspiration from something you only really see in local farm stores, which not everyone has easy access to.

We really hope this initiative from Waitrose is expanded to more stores and not just a one store wonder.

Fingers crossed!



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