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From Trash to Treasures | Up-cycling Home Ideas

Posted by coco babybox on
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Well, we do love up-cycling here at cocobabybox and sometimes furniture in your home just needs a little lovin… Rather than spending a small fortune buying brand new furniture, why not give your existing items a new lease of life? Or second hand items a little jazzing up.  

Armed with a few basic DIY skills and some creative thinking, you can change old furniture from trash to treasure and save yourself a pretty penny while you're at it.

Get inspired by these simple but amazing up-cycle projects you can try this weekend…


Drawers and bedside tables

Sometimes refreshing a tired looking draw set or bedside table can be as simple as a lick of paint and some new door knobs. 



Coffee & Dining Tables

Revamping a old coffee or dining table can be the best way of adding a little personality to your living space. Using a stencil and a little paint, you can create a unique piece to match perfectly with your colour scheme. 



Dining Chairs

Another idea to revamp your dining area is by up-cycling your old dining chairs. Again a coat or paint and a new fabric can really make a huge difference to creating a whole new look for your dining room! 

There are sooooo many options to up-cycling old furniture in your home, and definitely an amazing way to reduce waste, money and give you a lovely sense of accomplishment, all at the same time! 

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