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Getting ready for the newbie

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With so many things to think about before the new baby or new babies arrive, here at we've pulled together 6 quick to dos to help get you ready.

1. Clean the house

We’ll start with a pretty obvious one but if you’re physically able to, try and give the house a really good clean from top to bottom (or try and get your partner/family to help out).

After the birth you might be physically incapable of doing much cleaning the house before baby arrives. You’ll certainly be time-poor so if you have the opportunity to get the house in shape beforehand, do it.

A clean house is pretty essential when getting ready for baby.
When a friend or family member asks if you need any help after you’ve had the baby, reply with a huge YES! And hand them a mop.

2.  Change your bed sheets

This is only going to work out perfectly if you know the exact date you’re going to have your baby of course! There’s something simply amazing about getting into your own bed after been on away and even better to have fresh, clean sheets. Just think about when you return home after birth, snuggling into crisp, clean bedding. Especially if you’ve spent any nights in a hospital bed!

3.  Stock up on the small newborn baby stuff (and for mum too!)

Things such as quick and easy-to-grab snacks, drinks, magazines, DVDs etc. In those first few days and weeks while you’re recovering, you’ll be spending a lot of time holding your little one and with only one arm free, you’ll want to be able to grab the things you need quickly and easily.

4.  Wash the baby’s clothes and blankets

This is one of the important newborn baby things to do before baby comes. It’s a good idea to wash any clothes or blankets that will come into contact with your baby’s skin before you use them.
It’s a great way to work out what items you have to make sure you have enough and it’s so cute to see the tiny outfits hanging up on the washing line!

5.  Decide where the baby will sleep

Another pretty obvious one but it’s worth spending some time considering where the baby will sleep. Talk to friends about what worked for them and decide what will work for you.

Will they be in their own cot and nursery from day one? Or maybe you’d prefer them to sleep in your room? If so, is there space for a cot there or would a co-sleeper be a better option?

6.  Prepare freezer meals

Finally, we’d recommend spending some time, before the baby comes, in the kitchen preparing some extra meals for your freezer. There are many one pot dishes you can cook in batches. Then just separate them into portions and put into containers to store in your freezer.

We hope this helps you feel a little more prepared before the new arrival! Checking off a few things from this list will give you so much more confidence that you’re ready!

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