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Kid-friendly empowering movies to watch with the family!

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Recently I watched with my husband the new Aladdin movie, and WOW! The new Aladdin’s feminist story twist got us thinking about the different kids movies which have redefined gender norms.

In the original animated Aladdin, Jasmine’s primary fight is to marry Aladdin a poor street rat that would not be accepted by her father because Aladdin is not royalty. However, in the new Aladdin, Jasmine wants to take over as Sultan, despite the fact that only men have been allowed to rule in the past, and also, wants to marry for Love.

Even though many of us grew up watching films about princesses and knights, there is a need for children’s films to teach more about how to defy gender norms and be the creators of their own stories.

Female leads in children’s films have come a long way and are no longer only focused on finding prince charming and going to the ball – blah!

SO… we’ve pulled together our favourite movies that redefine gender norms along with some strong feminist vibes.



Tangled is a new take on Rapunzel, but this Disney princess is a little different. She is assertive and saves herself from her evil mother. And not only is her hair amazing, it’s also super handy, as she shows during the film when she climbs and ties people up with it! 




Mulan is about a defiant princess who challenges gender roles to saves her country. She’s definitely a role model but unfortunately but the movie does include some unfortunate gender stereotypes.



Charlotte's Web

Based on E. B. White’s original book, the movie stars a strong and determined spider. Defining all odds, this tiny but tough spider, manages to outwit her male counterparts all to save her friend.




Disney's Moana is the first having a female led storyline without a love interest. Inspirational and focused on friendship and empowerment, Moana is definitely one of our favourites on the list!




Zootopia is a super cute story about a female bunny entering a male dominated profession and trying to make her mark. It really doesn't get more feminist than that.



The Incredibles

With a character that is both a mum and a superhero… let's face it, The Incredibles are pretty amazing!




Brave begins with the main character, Merida competing for her own hand in marriage. Doesn’t get much tougher than that!




Beautiful songs and Pocahontas is a smart, strong woman who refuses to be under estimated because of her gender or race. 




Although Frozen does feature the classic Disney tiny waistlines and a love story too, it's also about how the characters learn, grow and the power of sisterhood. Anastasia especially is an independent woman on a search for self-discovery.


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