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Top tips for family meditation

Posted by coco babybox on
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Definitely an amazing thing to add into your family life is Meditation.

The list of benefits that meditation can offer is amazing! These benefits are not only mental but physical too and can really help support your family, especially if they struggle with:


  • Sleepless nights
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Struggling to focus
  • Socialisation

So if there are soooo many benefits to meditation, why don’t more people do it?

Well to be honest, it isn’t easy. The mind often isn’t used to the way it needs to be when meditating.

The easiest way to overcome this is with guided meditations. And always remember, the more you practice the easier it will get.

Getting the kids involved

The thought of just getting your little ones to sit still for dinner can be hard enough, so thinking about teaching them to meditate can sound pretty hectic. However, teaching your kids to start meditating when they’re young will help them develop an amazing life-long skill. Perfect for dealing with many of life’s challenges.

Top tip - The best time to give it a try is during bedtime. It will likely be difficult to get them to sit still and focus in the middle of the day. So practicing meditation during bedtime is perfect and may even help them to drift off to sleep much more easily.

A perfect way to start off trying meditation with the little ones is with an easy, imagination-based meditation, something not too difficult to grasp. As they close their eyes, read the below script in a slow and calming voice:

Imagine that you are strolling along a sandy road leading all the way up-to a long, sandy beach.
When you reach the beach, step onto the sand, and feel your feet sink into the white sand wiggling your toes in the soft, warm sand. Standing there on the beach, you can feel the warm sun on your shoulders.

Look up at the sky, and see what a beautiful shade of blue it is. Are any clouds drifting by, look at the shapes they make... the sun feels warm sun on your face.

Look down at the beautiful blue ocean, shining in the sun.

Look as far as you can out to sea. See the sailboats cruising along, and the dolphins jumping in and out of the water, diving and jumping.
See the waves gently lapping the shore, back and forth. Feel the ocean breeze as it blows across your arms and legs.
Listen to the sounds of the sea, and to the sound of the birds.
And now, take a deep breath in, and smell the salty air. You feel relaxed and happy. You’re enjoying the amazing sounds and sensations of this amazing place. You feel safe and happy.

Try out these tips for involving the whole family in meditation and let us know how your get on in the comments.

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