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Diaper Dilemma...

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As a new parent there are lots of things which can be hard to quantify. Especially when you have limited experience. Nappies is generally one of these topics that as a new parent, you will either under or over estimated significantly.

Thankfully we've pulled together some top tips to help you with this diaper dilemma...

Newborn nappies

This is probably where a lot of parents over buy… newborn nappies.
Newborn nappies only fit babies that are up to 10 lbs. So, in reality most babies are born weighing between 5 and 8 lbs, so really you’re only going to need the newborn nappies for the first month or less. So, with our calculations, we think you’ll be good with around 7 packs of newborn nappies on hand.

Size 1 nappies

Typically size 1 nappies are for babies between 8 to 14 lbs and at this stage in your little one’s growth you’re probably going to be going through quite a few a day. So for this stage, we would recommend allowing for around 8 to 10 nappies per day, and maybe a couple extra (just in case). 250 is a good number to keep on hand each month for this time.

Size 2 nappies

As your little one grows, you’ll find you go through less and less nappies. In general we would recommend between 5-7. We’ve pulled a little handy chart for you to refer to as they grow so you’ll at least have the nappy budget under control.

nappy chart organic baby clothes

Let us know how you get on in the comments.



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