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Frozen 2 | Melting hearts & breaking barriers

Posted by coco babybox on
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No doubt like most parents your lives (in general) have probably been taken over by Frozen and with the recent release of Frozen 2, this is definitely going to continue into the near future… 


But with this return of Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven, also returns an amazing message which challenges stereotypes of masculinity in children's films. Yay!

(Spoiler alert) 

Alike the 1st film, Kristoff isn’t your typical Disney male character. There’s no swooping to the rescue here. 

He simply helps the people he loves, openly showing his emotions and giving support when needed. Such an amazing example to little ones of a healthy relationship.


Frozen star Kristin Bell is super proud of the amazing story line for the sequel film. 

"The thing I think I'm proudest of is the way they represented Kristoff," Bell previously said during an appearance on The Tonight Show. "Little boys don't often see representation of other boys having really big loving feelings."


And songwriter Kristen Anderson-Lopez told reporters:

"I think if that one message comes across to boys, boys get to feel empowered to feel their feelings in a big or a small but hopefully big 80s power ballad, then we've done a little bit in the war against toxic masculinity," 


It’s so great to see characters like Kristoff being brought to life and portrayed in a way that supports strong female characters as well as the war against toxic masculinity.

High five Disney! 💕 🎉



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