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Top baby milestone ideas

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We’re sure everyone you know has been getting in on the action of baby milestone photos and who can blame them, when they’re just so adorable! A great way to track your little ones growth and show how much they change in only a matter of weeks.

These photos are a great keepsake to look back on and of course share with your little one when they aren’t so little anymore.

Perfecting your baby milestone picture

It’s actually a lot simpler than you might think. There are 4 top tips we would recommend:
  • A consistent background
  • Good lighting
  • A cute outfit
  • A point of reference ( a milestone card or blanket to show how big they are getting)

You’ll find as your baby starts growing they definitely won't stay still and will probably wiggle around a lot. But just embrace these funny moments and snap away, those random shots will definitely be the funniest later on.

A great way to also capture more than just the photo memories is also with captions of their favourite food and toys. Perhaps new milestones like smiles or rolling over moments too.

Some of our favourites and insta worthy ideas

Using milestone blankets

Items needed:
  • A cute toy
  • Printed nappies or a cute outfit
  • The milestone blanket

Probably the easiest option, milestone blankets are one of the quickest setups as you don’t really need too much time to set up and you instantly have cute background every time. Just layout the blanket, add a cute toy and you’re little one in a cute outfit and hey presto - you got it!

A lightbox layout

Items needed:
  • A super-cute baby
  • The light box
  • A toy
Another easy, clean and classic look, this setup is simple to create and looks cute too. Just add the details on the light box add your super cute baby and you’re all set. Plus, this option gives a little more flexibility on where you take the picture. Keeping the same toy in the photo with them is a great way to show how fast they grow. The once huge toy will suddenly seem tiny in a matter of months.

Current caption

Items needed:
  • A light box
  • Baby socks
  • Current favourite toy or food
You can also create a fun memories about your little one’s current faves and add the toys and foods they are obsessed with into the photo. The socks can represent the size of your little one's toes and any other details can be added in the Lightbox.

Flower power

Items needed:
  • Faux flowers
  • A patterned fabric background
  • Your growing little one
If you’re feeling a bit more committed to your milestone pictures, this is a great way to do it. Show baby's age by spelling it out in flowers. It also creates such a pretty background for your photos. 

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