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Top 5 festive activities to do in the run up to the big day!

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Top 5 festive activities to do in the run up to the big day!

With only a few more days to go until the big day, we’ve pulled our top 5 favourite festivities things to do in the run up to the big day! These kid-friendly activities for all ages will get you in the festive mood without breaking the bank.

1. Light tour

We’re sure a few people in your area will have definitely embraced the season with decorations and lights. So one evening why not pile the kids in the car, pop on some christmassy tunes and take a drive around the neighbourhood. A nice evening out for you and the kids

2. Christmas Films

An amazing way to keep out of the cold and keep the little ones entertained and feeling festive. Spend an afternoon watching Christmas films. This doesn’t all need to happen in one afternoon either, you can spread this over a few days to keep them entertained. Try making a list and letting everyone choose their favourite christmas film to watch.

3. Decorating

By now we’re sure your Christmas tree is already trimmed and looking fantastic. However, a fun activity is to make new ornaments with your little ones. You can do this with anything already in your home, christmas cards, gift wrap etc or you can always buy a ready to go set.
Such a nice little tradition to start and a great keepsake. Mark the year on your ornaments so that you can keep track of when they were made.

4. Volunteering

A great way to really get into the spirit of christmas and help other people. There are lots of things going on in your local area to get involved in, from helping to serve meals during the festive season to collecting donations for kids. Choose one which is important to you and get your family involved.

5. Christmas treats

Maybe a traditional cake for the festive season, or christmas cookies... get your little ones in the kitchen this festive season. They’ll love making and more importantly tasting the delicious goodies.
Most ages can get involved here, from adding the ingredients, stirring the bowl, cutting out festive shaped cookies and even decorating.

Hope you enjoy these festivities ideas, let us know how you get on in the comments!

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