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Top 5 2020 food trend predictions

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2019 was a pretty big year in terms of food. Over the last year, it’s quite amazing how people have started to move towards more socially conscious and health-conscious eating and snacking.

This year we’re really happy to see that veganism has grown to be more and more popular and readily available with options now available in most restaurants throughout the UK.

So with all the food trends changing the way we viewed meal time in 2019, we wanted to look at some of the trends predicted for 2020 and what we’re going to be eating next year!

1. Soy no more

Soy made its entrance into our food cupboards and fridges many years ago, but in 2020 it is predicted that brands are going to start pulling back on the production of soy based products. Instead what you’ll start to see is other options like grains and mung beans replacing soy. Grains and mung beans can mimic the creamy textures of yogurts and other dairy products very well. With supplements, brands will continue to swap soy for hempseed, pumpkin, avocado and watermelon seeds.

2. Butter and spread options

If spreads are your jam, you’re going to be very excited about 2020. Seed butters are going to continue to grow and spreads like pumpkin butter you’ll start to find in most supermarkets. Another amazing thing about 2020 is that a lot of brands are actually starting to either eliminate the use of palm oil or use a responsibly sourced version instead. So the nut butters and spreads in your cupboards going into 2020 will definitely be a little more environmentally conscious.

3. Kids meals

Crazy fact, but by 2026, 80% of millennials will have children! And as a millennial myself, food is a subject not only close to my belly but also something where the more adventurous the food the better. In 2020, a lot of food brands will be getting more involved with this, and you’ll start to notice cafes and restaurants expanding their kids menus beyond organic chicken nuggets. Fermented foods rich with spices and flavors will be popular and you’ll also see things like pasta in lots of different shapes and flours too.

4. Mix it up - blended: Meat & plants

For some people, saying adios to meat completely can be a hard relationship to quit. A lot of brands are starting to recognise this, and going into 2020 you’ll definitely start to notice this in the meat aisle.
In 2019, brands have already started to experiment with blended options such as the Lika Plus Burger which is made using 75% ground beef and then the rest is blended with wheat, mushrooms, barley, yeast and water.
Although meat isn’t completely gone with these options, they definitely help to reduce overall consumption and also have great benefits like less fat and cholesterol.

5. Hold the alcohol please...

2019 saw the rise of non-alcoholic options not only in supermarkets but also in bars and restaurants. There were even cocktails bars in major cities in the UK only serving alcohol free cocktails. This is set to continue going into 2020, with new drinks to recreate classic cocktail flavours using distilling methods to create an alternative to booze but used in the exact same way your typical spirits are used with a mixer rather than a drink on its own.

Let us know what you think about these food trends moving into 2020 in the comments below!




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