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5 things you should be recycling as a parent

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Oh the joys of shopping for new baby gear and gadgets... Whether you’re a soon to be parent or a seasoned mama, no doubt you will have accumulated a lot of stuff for your new little newbies. A lot of things you probably look upon with confusion as to how this ended up in your home and we’re sure a few things you probably have about 3 too many than you actually need. 

The good news is, there are a lot of things you can actually get away with either buying second hand or recycling after you no longer need.

We’ve pulled together a list of 5 items that you can avoid either buying brand new in the first place or sending to landfill after use.

1. Nappies
Not a revolutionary idea, Mamas have been using cloth nappies since way back when. But there are definitely far better options out there, than there used to be.
Whatever the brand you decide to go with, you can sleep a little easier at night, knowing you aren’t hurting the planet every time you change your little one.

2. Cribs
The great thing about cribs is that many of them are timeless in terms of design. You might want to consider buying second hand or if you already have, perhaps donating your old crib to your local charity shop.
One thing to check before you do this or if you plan to hand it down to family and friends, is to make sure that your model hasn’t been recalled by the manufacturer.

3. Car seats 
Although car seats are one item you do have to be careful when reusing for baby number 2,3 or when handing down to another family member. You will need to check the expiry date. As a new parent it will probably sound bizarre that a physical object like a car seat should have an expiry date. But these expiry dates are there for a reason, and take into account a combination of technology and the latest safety standards. 

However, it is possible to recycle them instead of simply sending them to landfill. There are several directories out there which can let you know where you can drop off an old car seat for recycling sparing the environment of a little less plastic. 

4. Baby bottles
Bottles are something you can pick up second hand. Most can easily be sterilised and handed down to other little ones. And likewise, when they stop needing their bottles you can think about recycling them again or contacting the manufacturer to enquire about other recycling options.

5. Clothing
Your little one is not even 4 months old and has already outgrown 2 rounds of clothing sizes. Tiny clothes are expensive and on average a baby grows 8 clothes sizes before their 2nd birthday. This means that, on average, parents will buy almost 300 pieces of clothing over a couple of years. Clothes that are only used a few times before they become too small.

But if you’re purchasing via you can return your cocobabybox items after use to receive 15% cashback.

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Something to watch out for and be a little more conscious when buying new products are the materials used to create your baby products. Some may be more recyclable than others, and some like us at cocobabybox can even offer to take back used items when you no longer need them.

Thinking ahead and before you buy can cut down on the time it takes to recycle items and make a better environment for your little ones to grow up in.

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