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How it works has subscription and one-off purchase options - it’s as simple as that. Subscription Model:

Firstly, there are monthly or prepaid 3, 6 & 12 month subscription options. If you choose to prepay a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription, you will be bulk billed at a discount (more the months, higher the discount) and will receive your boxes monthly based off the age of your little one - example: if you buy the 6 month subscription option, and the age of the baby is 3 months old, you would choose 3-6 month option as your 1st size, and receive a different box with different prints monthly. When the baby reaches 5 months old, your monthly box sizes will change to 6-12 months for consecutive 3 months with different prints for your babies growing needs.

Recycle initiative (Subscription only):

When your little one has grown out of the clothes, we encourage you to send the clothes back to receive 15% cash back. The clothes gets bacteriologically cleaned and then passed on to the next little human.