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Tops tips to help families prepare for Coronavirus

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Unless you’ve been living with your head in the clouds for the past few weeks, you will know that the Coronavirus is making serious news around the world. It seems like everyday we wake up to new developments on the virus.

Whilst with this news, your first reaction is likely going to be sheer panic and a million questions. It is important to understand that now is not the time to panic. But it is very much the time to prepare.

So with this, we’ve pulled together a few top tips to help prepare you and your families prepare for this unusual time… 

Start with the home

Depending on how the coronavirus plays it is important to have the basic essentials to hand in your home. 

Stock up on things like toilet paper, water and a few non-perishables. Simple items you can add to your trolley on your next trip to the supermarket. 

Also if you or your family have any medical conditions think about getting ahead with your prescriptions and also put aside a mini medical kit stocked with health supplies like electrolytes, cold and flu medicine and vitamins.

Get ahead with child care planning

There might be the possibility of schools and nurseries closing for a little while. If this happens you’ll want to have a backup plan to help you plan out your childcare. 

Think about:

  • Speaking with your little ones schools or nurseries now about the possibility of a closure
  • If relevant, also speak with you and your partners employers about the options of remote working if closures were to happen


Don’t be taken for a ride

Unfortunately in these situations there are always people trying to con money by promising to help and advise. But be aware that these dodgy websites and emails use fake information to try and get hold of your personal information. It might be as simple as promoting prevention tips or fake information but be aware and only use official sites to get the best information. 

Try not to panic

There is a lot of news on the virus at the moment but now is not the time to panic but, prepare. Stocking up and preplanning might not be required, but it is always good to plan ahead, just in case. 


For more information and updates visit World Health Organization


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