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Top 5 amazing ways to help your little ones eat less sugar

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We're nearly at the end of January and the jumbo boxes of chocolates are just about to run out. After the sugar rush of December, it can be hard to get back on track with eating healthy as a family. 

Letting your little ones know that they can have treats sometimes will help prevent sugar becoming an ongoing power struggle and our top 5 tips are the best way to do this...


1. Lets Bake! 🎂

No doubt you and your family probably enjoyed some festive baking over the holiday period. Why not continue the fun but with some more health conscious treats like oatmeal cookies or energy balls...


2. Shall we have some fruit with lunch? 🍍

Try keeping the choices up-to your little ones. 2-3 options work well and you can let them choose the ones they would like. Maybe give them a few options, or take them to the supermarket to choose themselves. 


3. Create a rainbow! 🌈

We’re not talking with sugary sweets but with natural fruits and veggies. Try making it a little more fun with a colour coded checklist.. one box to tick for every colour! Take it along to the supermarket or farmers market and let your little one choose one item from each section for every color.


4. It’s time for a treat! 🍭

Don’t create a taboo around sweets and treats. Rather than saying things like “sweeties rot your teeth," let them know it’s ok to have a treat sometimes. Not every night, but maybe on the weekends or specific days, whatever works for your family. Having a clear timeline and boundary around treat time will help manage their expectations and also stop them from constantly begging for sweets.  


5. I understand 😊

The reality is, that the majority of us love a treat and we do emphasis with our little ones when they want some sweets. It's important to let your little one know that you empathise with them about not being able to eat what they want all of the time. So they understand it’s not only them. 

The main thing is letting your little ones choose the healthy option. By being able to make the choice themselves, you’re empowering their little minds and helping them to be conscious about their food decisions. 

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