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Top 3 tips for baby massage

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We’re sure a few of you have experienced fussy moments since your little one came into the world. And you might have found that these moments can often be soothed simply by cuddles or by being held. Something which can also really help in these scenarios is baby massage.

You no doubt know yourself how you feel after a massage and this will definitely be the same for your little one.
Massaging your little one really helps to reduce general fussiness and can also help with things like constipation, colic and even teething pains. It can also improve their sleeping patterns and immune system function.

Top tips for baby massage

  1. All about timing - The perfect time to massage your little one is when you’re feeling relaxed and they’re calm but still awake. A good time is to take 10 minutes with your little one during tummy time or even after a bath
  2. Look for the signs - If your little one becomes upset, settle them and return to the massage if/when they are ready and happy
  3. Tummy time - If you’re rubbing baby’s tummy due to colic pain, remember to massage in a clockwise motion. Otherwise you could risk interrupting their digestion. 

If you are unsure about baby massage then seek advice from your midwife, health visitor, doctor or a qualified baby massage instructor. For more tips, you can also follow this nhs guide for some more information.

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