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Recycling Initiative

With our Recycling Initiative you have the option to receive both brand new cocobabybox items and recycled products, or you can simply receive only brand new items.

If you would like to opt in to our recycling initiative, you are able to do this when purchasing one of our subscription packages. Unfortunately we do not currently offer this service on our trial (one off) boxes. 

If you opt into our Recycling Initiative, you have the option to return your cocobabybox to us to receive cashback. After we have received the returned items, they are sent to a cleaning facility, where they are inspected and washed ready for the next customer. You do not have to wash the clothes before sending it back, we'll take care of that.

We only recycle the products a maximum of 2 times, and afterwards they are donated to a local UK children's charity.

Once we have received your returned cocobabybox, you will receive cash back. This cashback changes from time to time, but as a minimum standard is set at 15%.