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Top tips to dress your 1st trimester bump

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Dressing in the early days of pregnancy can be tricky, especially if you are trying to keep this exciting news a secret. And although you may feel very pregnant, in the first trimester your cute bump won’t make an appearance for a few more weeks.

So how do you dress a bump that's probably more bloat than a baby at this stage? We’ve pulled some key ideas to help you feel your most beautiful and most importantly comfortable during this stage.

Top 5 tips to remember during your 1st trimester!

1. Think affordable

In your first trimester your weight won’t have quite settled. With all the new hormones racing around your body, it can be quite hard to guess where your weight will be distributed during your pregnancy. The second trimester will give you a better idea on where the weight will go. Because of this, you’ll probably want to hold back on spending lots of money on clothes during your first trimester. Instead, opt to buy a couple of comfy essentials and items like tunic dresses and stretchy maxi’s which can easily be worn after your little one comes into the world.

2. Think sustainably

Definitely a time where you don’t want to be spending too much and also the majority of maternity clothes aren’t realistically worn that long when you think about 2nd hand clothing overall.
Hit up your mum friends and see if they have any pieces they’d like to share, or alternatively shop on sites like ebay or your local charity shops where you can pick up hardly worn pieces for a fraction of the original price.

3. Invest in comfort

One thing you’ve probably been very aware of from the early stages of pregnancy… boob changes. It might have been one of the very first symptoms of your pregnancy. Your breasts have started and will continue to change during your pregnancy. They’re also going to feel super sensitive and so here is one area you should invest in… a decent bra! Invest in a few new bras to ensure the fit and support is good for your new shape.

4. Be prepared

You might not be feeling the back pain yet, but for sure this will come during your pregnancy. So be prepared and invest in a belly band or back support now. This way you’ll be ready to take off the pressure.

5. Think comfort, but don’t forget your style

We definitely feel ya mama… leggings are now your new go-to. They’re definitely the easiest and most comfortable look but it is very easy to fall into the legging routine too early. Thankfully there are lots of other options out there now, fashion woven joggers, jumpsuits (although not the best with all the extra pee breaks) and printed jersey dresses. All these items can be utilised in a slightly larger than your usual size but also great for after baby too.


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