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The NO word and toddler healthy eating

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Filled with curiosity and constantly distracted by the amazing world around them, your toddler has very likely begun to exert a heady sense of self, as their mimicking evolves into distinctive preferences.

The use of the new word - no - is excitedly on the lips and unfortunately there is ‘no’ going back. The ‘no game’ soon becomes the norm for many day-to-day activities and dinner time certainly isn't an exception. 

Many parents experience the challenge of a fussy toddler when it comes to eating. At this stage, most toddlers can eat lots of different foods and flavours—the key question is, will they try. Introducing new foods is often challenging with lots of new foods been thrown across the kitchen in defiance. Experts recommend a careful curation of food groups that encourages variety, healthy eating and ease when introducing to stubborn mouths.

Toddlers rarely follow a traditional meal pattern. Instead they react better to small and regular healthy snacks that fit well with small tummies and short attention spans. Amazing choices include fresh fruits, such as apples, grapes, strawberries, mandarins and bananas. Or carrots, courgette and celery sticks combined with healthy dips like hummus or mashed avocado (crunchy vegetables can be softened by boiling or steaming for youngsters). Another option, is to try a simple smoothie —blending yoghurt, milk and fruit, such as bananas and berries.

While ‘no’ may always be the answer, try to be persistent and patient. Next time the response may not be the same. Consider combining foods together, offering one new food with another you know your little human definitely likes. Making mealtimes a family event and sharing a common meal whenever possible can help. Becoming the role model for your tiny human is important, try and demonstrate at each meal, everyday, a balanced and healthy diet. This will set your child up with good eating habits for life. 

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