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Simple tips to help boost your whole family’s immune system

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September brings lots of exciting changes in family houses. Back to school, little ones starting playgroup or nursery. But unfortunately can also bring lots of new things to your home, including annoying bugs. 

Bunched up Tissues, a rattling cough, and a concerned mama. You want them to get better quickly and you want to make sure you aren’t taken down next. Taking care of poorly kids when you are poorly is simply the WORST! 

Here are some simple tips that can help you boost your whole family’s immune system immediately so that you’re all ready to fight off any illnesses quickly. 

Disclaimer:  Always consult your doctor with any questions or concerns.


Making sure everyone is well rested can be one of the best remedies. Children need regular bedtimes and need to be getting a good amount of sleep nighty. Getting enough sleep as an adult can be a little harder. 

To cold and flu proof your family you all need to be well rested! During cold and flu season, try and spend a little more time indoors planning early dinners and early nights too. Let them have the rest and relaxation that their bodies need.


This is not breaking news that we need to stay hydrated. However, our immune system depends on water and electrolytes. If you are not drinking enough water you will be dehydrated and your immune system will suffer. Making sure everyone in the family drinks enough water can be tricky. With the little ones, fun bottles can help and also help you keep an eye on how much water they have had each day 

If you feel like you need some extra electrolytes, organic coconut water is a great add on as well.

No Sugar

Can be hard and most people these days are trying to reduce their sugar intake as much as they can. But seriously, no sugar. Sugar immediately reduces your ability to fight off disease and increases inflammation in your body. If your family really needs a treat, organic maple syrup, honey and coconut sugar are good substitutions in limited quantities.

Organic Whole Foods

When boosting your families immune system, organic, whole foods are super important. Eating freshly prepared, non-packaged foods is the best possible way to feed your family. 100% organic food is the best, but can sometimes be a little more expensive. Sticking to the clean 15 list for your fruit and veggies is also a cheaper way to ensure your families avoiding a lot of pesticides and chemicals. Eating food that has been sprayed with toxic pesticides can damage your gut health, lower your immune system and increase the chance for other diseases too.

Immune boosting foods

There are some amazing super foods you can add to your meals easily to help with immunity. Try to incorporate these foods on a regular basis and up the quantities when you are sick. 

  • Onions - they contain quercetin which fights inflammation and can also break up mucus in your chest and head
  • Garlic - nature’s antibiotic. It fights off colds and flu viruses.
  • Mushrooms (shiitaki)- Lentinan is a compound found specifically in shiitake mushrooms that has been shown to stimulate the immune system
  • Turmeric - contains curcumin which is a powerful antioxidant that supports the immune system
  • Ginger - an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.
  • Lemons, limes and oranges - Citruses are one of the main sources of vitamin C. 

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Probably not the tastiest thing to drink in its raw form, but drinking raw apple cider vinegar can provide many benefits. It is loaded with minerals, enzymes, and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps promote an alkaline state in your body. All of these things combined help boost your immune system and help ward off illness. 

However, it is for sure very unrealistic to think little ones will drink this. A great option is to add apple cider vinegar into a salad dressing, or a little to a drink. 


Plenty of time outside

A little time each day outdoors is a benefit for everyone. Fresh air, exercise and an increase in vitamin D are all reasons to make sure you spend as much time as possible outside.

Wash Hands

This might seem a little obvious but it's so easy for little ones to grab food before washing their hands. Everybody needs to wash their hands before eating (every meal and every snack). You don’t need to go overboard on washing hands (can be very bad for your immunity) but making sure they are washed before meals can go a long way in helping to stay healthy.

While getting an occasional illness is part of everyday life, these top tips should help keep those illnesses at bay especially heading into the winter season! 

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