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One of the main questions you’ve probably been asked a lot since your little newbie arrived is
“Is your baby a good sleeper?”


Such an innocent question, but one which will likely leave you feeling very confused and perhaps a little defeated because, to be very honest, newborns are lousy sleepers. And that is OK! Lot of babies are not born great sleepers. But the good news is they can become amazing little sleepers by promoting good sleep habits right from the start!

So now you’re wondering... what you can you do to help support baby sleep, and you are in luck. We’re going to share our top 3 tips on how to create cosy sleep habits right from the start.

1. Routine

It’s important to create a simple but consistent bedtime routine. Does your baby sleep all day and party all night? If so, this tip will be very important for you. A great bedtime routine will help your baby to separate day from night. It tells their brain and body that sleepy time is approaching and will help them to begin to wind down in preparation. We recommend starting this simple routine with a bath. A bath indicates that a long sleep is ahead, as it’s an activity that differs greatly from everything else your baby does during the day. Don’t forget to lock in the moisture from the bath by applying a calming lotion. Finish the routine by putting on your little ones PJs (our rompers make the perfect sleepy time attire), a feed and then place them in their crib drowsy but awake.

2. Beware the over-tiredness

Try to avoid over-tiredness, treat it like the plague. When your little one becomes over-tired, babies, like adults, produce the stimulating hormones cortisol and adrenaline to fight fatigue. These hormones make it more difficult for people of any age (especially babies) to fall and remain asleep. Random fact, newborns are only able to stay awake for about 45-to-60 minutes before sleepiness kicks in. We know – it doesn’t seem like a lot of time. But the good news is, as they develop, they will be able to stay awake longer, which will give you more one-on-one time with your little one. Trust us, if you stick to the simple guideline of not allowing your newborn to be awake longer than an hour, it will definitely be easier for them to drift off to the land of nod.

3. Eat, Play, Sleep repeat

Start your own Eat, Play, Sleep routine. Every time your baby wakes for the day or from a little snooze, feed them within 15 minutes. After the feeding, allow them to play for a bit (walk in the stroller or tummy time etc). When their wake window has timed out, put them to sleep in their bassinet drowsy but awake. The most amazing thing about this routine is that you are feeding your baby when they are most alert, which allows them to better fill their belly, and in turn, sleep for longer stretches. Also, another benefit is how it will prevent them from forming a feeding/sleeping association, which will make it easier for them to eventually drop night feedings (when waking throughout the night to feed is no longer needed for weight gain).

As beautiful and amazing as having a new baby can be, it can be so tiring due to their inconsistent sleep patterns. It will get better, Mama – we promise! With lots of patience and following the tips we’ve outlined above, you and your little one will soon get the sleep you need to be your very best.

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