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Pregnancy tips for the pandemic-ridden times

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Pregnancy tips for the pandemic-ridden times

With the world in the clutches of a deadly pandemic and the normal hustle-bustle at a standstill, bringing a new life into the world might seem like a far-fetched dream. More so, expectant mothers might have a hard road ahead due to the growing vulnerability of human life. However, not all hope is lost. While it might not be the best idea to plan a family in the midst of a global pandemic, there are a few things that expectant mothers can cater to, to ensure a safe and smooth pregnancy. 

If you are expecting a baby soon and are wondering what the best way to handle it is, we are here with a helping hand. Read on to know more!


Tips for pregnancy during a pandemic

Along with the nervousness and anticipation that pregnancy brings, to-be mothers now have another aspect of pregnancy to worry about. However, with improved medical facilities and a cautious attitude, overcoming this hurdle has become easy. If you are expecting a child soon and the pandemic has put your spirits down, here are some pregnancy health tips to put your mind and body at ease.

  • Meditation: With the chaos that the world has become, it is more important now than ever to give your mental health priority. Especially if there’s a new life growing inside your womb, it is imperative that you offer a hospitable environment for the steady growth and development of the foetus. A great way to retain your peace of mind is by meditating. Meditation can not only help in shooing away negative thoughts but also help pregnant women who are battling with insomnia during their pregnancy. There are various apps available online as well, to help you choose the type and duration of meditation that suits your situation the best. 
  • Channel your energy into prepping: The arrival of the newborn is inevitable at this point, so instead of investing your energy into worrying about the global pandemic, you can channel them towards preparing for the little one. Online shopping has made life easier and this, indeed, is a boon for soon-to-be mothers. Starting from organic clothing to decorating the nursery, everything can now be facilitated through online shopping. It can become your pet project and also help you stay sane in an otherwise chaotic world. In fact, you can also plan a web baby shower to keep the normalcy intact. 
  • Minimize the news intake: The global pandemic has led the news and media reporting to become a negative space, which can affect your pregnancy adversely. One of the most important pregnancy health tips in this scenario is to limit the news intake. While it is necessary to be in the know of what is happening in the outside world, tracking the events minute-by-minute might not be good for your mind and body. Try to limit checking the news to a maximum of two times a day. At other times, try watching videos and series that put your mind at ease and encourage positive thinking. 


Covid-19 precaution tips for pregnant women

While it is important to pay attention to your mental health during these pandemic-ridden times, your physical health also needs attention during pregnancy. Here are a few precautionary steps that you must follow to ensure a safe pregnancy:

  • Wear a mask: If you have to step out for a grocery run or just go out for a walk, ensure that you are wearing a mask at all times. To avoid feeling claustrophobic, buy a mask that has better breathability. Furthermore, if it is a cloth mask, ensure you wash it after every use. 
  • Practise social distancing: While it is advisable for pregnant women to avoid going out in public, if you ever do, ensure that you follow the government guidelines and practise social distancing. Avoid touching surfaces and limit your interaction with other people to the minimum. 
  • Proper diet: Given the global situation, it is paramount that expectant mothers take utmost care of their diet. It is not only important to eat nutritious food but also consume food that boosts immunity. Consult your doctor or a dietician to design a balanced diet and research about nutritious foods to keep you healthy during pregnancy. Furthermore, be regular with the consumption of prenatal vitamins that will not only help the development of your unborn child but also build your immune system 
  • Keep yourself informed: While excessive intake of the news is not advisable, ensure that you understand the specifics of the disease and are in the know of the preventive measures. 

As we are approaching a world that requires better immunity, stronger mental health and a more accepting environment, it is important that we support each other in every way possible. If you are in the vicinity of a soon-to-be mother, help them better understand how they can have a safe pregnancy despite the global pandemic. If you are an expectant mother, rest assured that we will keep sharing information to fuel positive thinking and ways to cope with the pandemic.

Motherhood is a beautiful journey and even a global pandemic cannot bring down its charm and beauty. We encourage all pregnant women to put their safety first; follow the Covid19 precaution guidelines specified by the government, eat healthy food, instil positive energy in life and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more helpful information and updates. 

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