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Parenting milestones | 4-6 months

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Continuing with our milestones segment this week, we're discussing those 4-6 month milestones. 

It probably feels like you literally just blinked and landed here. While it might feel like a blur of fumbled night changes, daytime naps and messy up-dos, Congratulations! You have survived the first 4 months! 🎉

Your little human, the centre of your new world, is beginning to develop their personality. Curious by their surroundings, they love to babble and giggle at all the funny faces which surround them. 
You have seen their face change everyday; their eyes open and close; and you see the amazing recognition dance across their little face every time they see you.

Some important milestones have no doubt happened right before your eyes. They're  growing so quickly now, rolling from back to tummy and back again, reaching for toys (and anything else they can grab). They’re so adventurous and interested in everything. You have also grown as a parent and have learnt to read their noises and be able to comfort them with the tips and tricks you have learnt on the job. 

You have mastered the ‘rock’ dance and your tiny human is now listening to all you say and responds when you speak to them. Don’t be disappointed if ‘mummy’ is not the first word, ‘da-da‘ is an easier sound for new little humans. By this stage your baby is also beginning to mimic facial expressions, making new sounds to express their feelings and responses to a situation.

These tiny humans are now starting to think with their little bellies and are showing an interest in food, starting to eat cereals and pureed foods. When they see a spoon they will likely respond with an open mouth and are excited to taste everything. Any food tried at this stage should be smooth, strained, pureed or mashed to ensure the texture is right. As this is a time of experimenting with new food, many experts recommend that you only introduce one food at a time, giving your little human at least 5 days to trial to ensure they are not allergic before moving onto another food. Milder vegetables are always an amazing starter. Sweet potato or carrots are great options before introducing slightly stronger flavours like peas and beans.

Be aware...You are going to be mashing a lot of bananas. Delicious, finely mashed bananas are often a favourite of new little humans.

There is no denying it, the last months have been hard. But despite this, you’ve done it!  You have built an amazing bond with your little one which is only getting stronger every day. Look how much your little human has learnt and changed in just four months, in fact you both have, together.

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