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Parenting milestones | 12 months

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Our final segment on new parenting milestones, and today we're discussing 12 months. 

Cameras ready! Your baby is most definitely on the move. Pulling themselves up to stand, those first shaky but momentous steps are about to unfold. That awkward sea-legged sway will be one of the most adorable moments of parenting you’ll experience.

With this new world opened, making sure you have a safe space for their new curious pins is key. A great approach is to explore your home, from your child’s perspective—getting down low and checking for areas of baby curiosity. It is important furniture is on lock down. Toilet lids are down, blind cords are hooked out of reach and medications and cleaning equipment are put away. As they explore their new world one baby step at a time, it’s important to keep them safe.

At 12 months, your child is starting to understand how to communicate their emotions. With the last few months spent watching and mimicking you, they’re beginning to master non-verbal communication and the language of a single look.

Babbling has formed a new shape - often little humans have full conversations in their own language, complete with passionate pauses and intonations that mimic the sounds they’ve heard from you. As they build on this, it’s super important to name the objects they use and the things they see to create their bank of sounds. Advising when to use ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ are also really important.

Now your child is more inclined to be anxious when apart from you. They may feel anxious or shy around strangers and often have a clear preference for people and toys they like or don’t like. A common challenge at this age can be a resistance to the daytime naps (why oh why). The importance of maintaining a sense of routine at this time is crucial to ensure they continue to feel secure in the process of settling.

Singing songs and reading simple books are amazing activities to share with your little one. Peek-a-boo is a good game to build personal connections but also a good method to teach your child that a person continues to exist even when you can’t see them, and a way to comfort your child about your constant proximity, even when out of sight.

At this 12 month stage, walking and curiosity have created new adventures that await you and your little human.❤️

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