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Why organic cotton matters?

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Every parent wants the best for their little humans. From the foods they are eating to the clothes they are wearing. Choosing organic cotton clothing for your little one is one of the best things you can do.

Check out the amazing reasons below to see why you should make the switch to organic cotton today.

1. It’s Amazing for Baby’s Delicate Skin

Did you know a baby’s skin takes years to develop the protective barriers that an adults skin has? This means your baby’s skin is thinner and more sensitive than an adults and is more susceptible to the effects of harmful chemicals.
With organic cotton, there are no harsh chemicals, just amazing softness.

2. It’s Amazingly Soft

Not all organic cotton is created the same. But all of products are GOTS certified, which means both the dying and growing processes are regulated. The processes do not use additional chemicals meaning the cotton is not harsh on the skin and does not give rise to skin irritations, rashes, or allergic reactions.

3. It Lasts Wash After Wash

After 20 washes, non-organic cotton, also known as conventional cotton, starts to break down. Not only does our organic cotton last 5 times as long, it gets softer with every wash.

Since organic cotton fibers are not treated with chemicals. They do not break down as easily as fibers which undergo chemical processing. This is why they last longer and do not start deteriorating after just a few washes. Meaning... you do not have to buy as many outfits as you would normally do with clothing made out of non-organic material. Therefore, you’ll save money which you can use on something else like a new toy or perhaps something for yourself.

4. It’s Earth Friendly and Farmer-Friendly

Our organic cotton is 100% pure. That means there are no synthetic pesticides and fertilisers needed or used when growing it, and that’s not only good for your little human but also good for the farmers, preventing them from being in contact with harmful chemicals too.

5. GOTS 100% Certified Organic

Global Organic Textile Standard certified is the highest rating there is for all-things-organic. When buying GOTS certified products you can be sure that the products are truly organic.

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