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How to calculate your due date

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Due Date Calculator.

Whether you’re preplanning or already expecting, thinking about your due date is so exciting!

To help get you started, we’ve pulled together a few key things to have you navigate through this exciting time!

What is a due date?

You will likely find, there isn’t just one term for ‘due date’. You will also probably hear, estimated date of childbirth (EDC) and also estimated date of delivery (EDD). Whatever term you use, your due date is the day your baby is expected to arrive. 

How long will my pregnancy be? 

Well, we always hear 9 months when people are talking about pregnancy. But in reality it’s around 40 weeks which is actually 10 months. 

Some key points in time: 

  • 37 weeks, the pregnancy is classified as early-full term
  • 41 weeks, the pregnancy is classified as late-full term.
  • 42 weeks, the pregnancy is classified as post-full term.

So how can we calculate your due date? 

There are lots of ways to calculate your due date with your doctor but if you want an early estimate before you visit their office, you can use the below calculation:

  • Take the date of your last period
  • -3 months
  • +7 days 

So for example, your last period 

Was: 10th March 

Take 3 months = 10th December

Add 7 days = 17th December  

So your due date would be 17th December!

Once you visit your doctors office they will be able to also determine the due date via an ultrasound.  

Are due dates accurate? 

You’ve probably never really heard about anyone having their babies on their due date, and in fact only around 4% of women will give birth on their actual due date. Most women, especially with first time pregnancies will go past their due date, usually by 3-5 days. This can be frustrating, but your doctor will be able to discuss all the available options with you and some ways to help bring on labour.  

Due dates are something really exciting to think about and look forward to. But try not to think about them as the ultimate date and more of a guideline. After all, when your little newbie does make his or her appearance, it will be the best day ever!

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