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Environmental superheroes your little ones will love!

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It can be hard thinking of ways to talk to your little ones about climate change without overwhelming them with lots of information. So we’ve had a little think about environmental superheroes and TV Shows that we reckon could do a pretty amazing job saving the future of our planet and that could help your little ones think a little more about climate change and what they can do to help.


1. Captain Planet

 Gonna take pollution down to zero!

What more could you want in a superhero? Captain Planet has everything! A pretty snazzy costume, bright green hair, the catchiest theme song and an empowering message to all of us - "The power is yours!"

For those who missed this icon 90's superhero, the show focuses on the five eco warriors called the Planeteers. Their job is to fight environmental problems and raise awareness about it. The Planeteers work together or alone but when they combine their powers all together, they can summon superhero Captain Planet.

Each episode finishes with a very relevant discussion of an environmental issue, telling viewers how they could be part of the solution.


2. The Wombles

Most people from the UK will definitely remember The Wombles as one of the most iconic children's stories. These cute pointy-nosed, furry animals first appeared in a series of children's novels in the 1960s and then later on in the 1970s in a stop-motion animation show.

The Wombles lived on Wimbledon Common in London, England where they lived a frugal life helping the environment by collecting and recycling rubbish. Their motto was "Make good use of bad rubbish" and their love of recycling was way ahead of its time and very relevant today.


3. The Animals of Farthing Wood

Looking back to the 90’s again, The Animals of Farthing Wood was a TV series helping children learn about the dangers animals face through humans interfering in their habitats.
Based on a 1979 book, the TV series focused on a small group of animals who are forced to flee their homes when humans start destroying the forest to build houses. Taking a serious approach to the topic, the story shows their journey, how the animals work together to create a new safe haven and the effects their relocation has.

4. The Octonauts

A more recent series talking more about the environment is the British animated series, The Octonauts. A cute series where children learn about the ocean, sea animals and how to protect the environment.

The stories follow Barnacles, a brave polar bear leading his team in exploring the ocean. The team explore and encounter unusual but real sea creatures in each episode. Often needing to uncover a real life fact about the creature in order to get out of danger.

Fun fact: Marine biologists Lara A. Ferry-Graham and Michael H. Graham helped out on the series to ensure it was accurate while still being fun!

5. Sesame Street

So well known across the globe, Sesame Street is one of the top education shows in the world! 

For over 40 years Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird and Bert and Ernie have always taught kids to care for their surroundings - whether that's by saving water or recycling.


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