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5 styling ideas to dress your bump

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5 styling ideas to dress your bump

With all the hormonal and physical changes that your body goes through during pregnancy, the most evident change is the ever-growing bump that just doesn’t seem to stop. From sliding into perfectly fit clothes to jumping to loose-fitting clothes, the transformation can be difficult to get familiar with. Some women encounter low-confidence because of the expansion of their feet, breasts, arms and tummy experience and think they cannot look beautiful with a pregnancy bump. Well, we are here to refute that myth and how!

While styling a bump can be a hard task, once you get the hang of it, you will start becoming comfortable with the different shapes that your body grows into and start enjoying styling varied looks to flaunt your bump. Here’s our contribution with some of the best pregnancy style tips. Read this blog to get a vivid idea about all-things-maternity, starting from must-have maternity clothes to how to dress your bump. Take a look!

Must-have maternity clothes

Prints and Patterns

People will say that you have to part your ways with patterns and prints once the baby bump starts showing, but they would be wrong. It is a common misconception that prints and patterns make you look heavier than you actually are. Truth is, if you choose prints and patterns in earthy colours, it will give you a toned-down look making you feel in style and vibrant!

Take a look at Anne Hathaway rocking the pregnancy bump with a printed floral dress!



Stretchy, breathable dresses

One of the top must-haves for mamas-to-be is stretchy dresses, more so because of the breathable fabric that just snugs up around the body. When you are pregnant, it is easy to feel uncomfortable if the fabric or fit you are wearing doesn’t go well with your body. Stretchy dresses make you look chic and sophisticated while at the same time prevent a sweat fest. 

Canadian actress Shay Mitchell also abides by them. Take a look at this gorgeous and chic look that she donned with, one and only, the stretchy dress!




Gone are the days when maternity clothes translated to baggy clothes. As the trend of flaunting the baby bump is garnering attention, you no longer have to hide that bump. Try on dresses that accentuate your waist and give your bump definition. Spice it up with a sash above your waist and your day look is sorted! Furthermore, these dresses will not make you uncomfortable, will be airy and let’s face it, the more than occasional run to the loo will not be a problem. 

Here’s our favourite look of new mama Christina Milian in a beautiful dress with a sash to slay the pregnancy bump look!



Comfortable clothes that ooze confidence

Well, the rule of thumb is that if you are comfortable in your clothes, chances are you will be confident in them too. If you don’t believe us, take a look at Phoebe’s pregnancy bump look from the show FRIENDS and tell us if that’s not a style statement!


How to dress your baby bump

There are certain things that you just can’t do away from the traditional maternity pool, like those stretchy pants that you can just slide into or that baggy maxi dress that feels so airy. However, you can always take your pregnancy style a notch up by just adding tiny detailing to your attire. Below are top 5 ideas on how you can dress your baby bump and feel fantastic about how you look (because acceptance comes from within 😊).

Don’t compromise your style

Your dressing style is a big part of your personality and giving it up because of the growing belly and breasts and almost everything else, doesn’t necessarily have to be the only option. It is common practice to include a bunch of black dresses in your wardrobe or buy dresses that could easily pass off as tents when you realise you are stepping into the expanding stage. However, bright colours look absolutely gorgeous on the bump and can give you the confidence you need. Imagine a bright coloured-dress coupled with that radiating pregnancy glow - it will make for a great red-carpet look!

Buy ever-lasting styles

There are certain clothing items that can get you through pregnancy and beyond. But styles that will hardly ever go out of fashion. Take, for instance, A-line cardigans or stretchy tops and dresses that will mould themselves according to the shape of your body. Also, invest in flowy dresses, scarves that can be used as belts during the pregnancy and flexible denim (like boyfriend jeans). These are some of the styles you can use even after the baby arrives. 

Maternity underwear

Most women swear by comfortable underwear during their pregnancy, and who wouldn’t? When there’s a baby playing ping-pong with your bladder and your breasts are constantly sore, you need COMFORTABLE UNDERWEAR! Also, during pregnancy, comfort should always take precedence over style. 

Finalise a go-to look

You should always, always have a go-to look that you can fall upon when you don’t feel like putting too much effort into how you look. Maybe a pair of stretchy jeans and a comfy t-shirt with a blazer on top of it or you could just opt for a maxi dress that neither brings attention to your bump nor makes you feel like it’s 50 degrees.

Love whatever you wear

As beautiful as the journey of pregnancy is, it is also daunting. While you are dealing with the stress, attention and other nuances of becoming a mother, try to avoid putting yourself under scrutiny for something as superficial as what you are wearing. Believe that whether you are wearing a two-piece swimsuit or a baggy t-shirt and jeans, you are still a superwoman and a soon-to-be super mama!  

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