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5 famous moms who rocked the pregnancy bump look

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5 famous moms who rocked the pregnancy bump look

Of all things to worry about during pregnancy, styling your bump might be last on the list of priorities. However, with the amount of stress pregnancy brings, looking good can boost your morale and make you feel good. In this digital age, styling your bump has become a statement and many celebrities also flaunt their baby bump in bold styles. 

In this blog, we will talk about five celebrity moms who can give any fashion model a run for their money with their bold and beautiful pregnancy bump look. Here are our picks!


#1 - Katy Perry

Expecting her first child with American actor Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry has broken the norms with her baby bump look, just like her music. From donning a beautiful yet simple peach dress on the cover of People magazine to showing off her bare bump through an Instagram post, Katy Perry makes you believe in the normalcy of pregnancy vibes, whether you are a celebrity or not. Here are a couple of pictures to show the awesome singer in all her pregnancy glory.



#2 - Ashley Graham

The plus-size supermodel, who took the world by a storm with her outlandish confidence and incomparable style statement, did not disappoint when it came to showing off her baby bump in style. From walking the ramp with her baby bump evidently visible to taking pictures of her body in its raw elements, she did it all. Her Instagram was filled with various baby bump pictures, making the “dressing the baby bump” culture more dominant in the entertainment industry. She also featured on the 2020 Vogue cover with her baby bump. Take a look at some of her oh-so-amazing pictures! 



#3 - Jessica Alba

Taking the celebrity baby bump styling to a whole new level, the American actress made cute baby bumps a thing again. Wearing clothes that are not only stylish and cute but also comfortable, she made every mother-to-be wish she could be her. She brought forward her celebrity baby bump in a fun, peppy way and the digital media went gaga over her carefree way of dressing the bump. Take a look at two of our favourite Instagram posts of Jessica Alba!



 #4 - Beyoncé

The new-age goddess of music, Beyoncé, did just to her public image even when pregnant. From gracing the red carpet at the Wearable Art Gala to looking stunning in every picture henceforth, Beyoncé rocked the baby bump with panache and high style quotient. Beyoncé’s celebrity baby bump statement made the entire show business go into a happy shock and a lot of admiration poured in. Here are a couple of Beyoncé’s baby bump pictures to make your day better!



#5 - Chrissy Teigen

American model and the better half of singer John Legend, Chrissy Teigen looked absolutely stunning with her baby bump. Whether it was when she donned a silver sequin gown or just chilling on the beach in a brown day dress, her baby bump styling had us go all gaga! The mother of two shared her pregnancy journey on her Instagram account too, here’s a sneak peek!




While celebrity baby bumps have always gotten a lot of traction, motherhood is beautiful whether you decide to flaunt the bump or not. We, at cocobabybox, believe in the honesty of the motherhood journey. Watch this space for more interesting blogs!

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