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10 amazing ways to upcycle old baby clothes

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Tiny clothes are so cute and come in so many amazing styles, colours, and designs. The down side to these tiny garments is that most babies only wear these clothes for a short time. Babies grow so quickly that your little one may only get to wear your favourite little outfit once before it’s just too small to wear again. This can often leave you with lots of hardly worn little outfits. 

You could always donate that clothing to a charity to give to someone less fortunate. We’re a big believer in paying it forward here at 

However, if you have a favourite little outfit or something that if just too hard to let go of, we’ve pulled together the perfect list of alternatives to keep those cute tiny clothes in your lives a little bit longer. 

Whether you’ve got a dress that’s stained and not suitable to use again or you have a little outfit that has too much cuteness to let go, you’re going to have an amazing time upcycling with these options. 

1. Printed Romper Elephant

Elephants are the best and we love how easy this is to use any old romper to make a new little elephant toy for your little one. All you need to do is cut out the cute little elephant pattern, sew it all together and then stuff with pillow stuffing or old blankets. Sew on buttons for the eyes and that’s it!


2. Baby Clothing Memory Quilt

We LOVE the idea of turning baby clothes into a quilt. This way, your own son or daughter can give their little one a handmade quilt using clothing that they wore as little ones themselves. 

It’s a cycle that keeps on giving from generation to generation, and the great thing is that you can use all sorts of different clothing and accessories to make the quilt. 



3. Nursery Pillow

You can take some of your little ones outgrown clothes and use them to decorate a pillow you already have. This project is so easy as you can take an already finished pillow and just add baby clothes for the design. We love the idea of simple print on print or appliquéing different shapes from your old clothing. 



4. Upcycled headbands

Super simple soft cotton headbands are super cute but can also be costly. Help preserve some of your favourite prints by turning old leggings into upcycled headbands.  

It is so easy! You just cut the elastic waistband out of the little pants and then embellish with a rose or ribbon that you make from the rest of the material. 



5. Baby Christmas Stocking

This idea is especially great for new babies who have just experienced their first christmas. Usually family and friends love to spoil your little one with lots of new t-shirts and rompers celebrating their 1st Christmas. Why not use these to make a personalised Christmas stocking. You can make a patchwork design out of different pieces of clothing and the overall look is rustic and beautiful.


6. Plush Alphabet

Here’s another great toy idea that doubles as a learning tool. Turn those old baby clothing pieces into a great plush alphabet that will make learning the ABCs fun and easy. Depending on your preference, you may only need a few pieces of clothing – if you want the alphabet pieces to match in color and design. Note that this takes a bit of sewing but the end result is amazing. Plus, you could use fabric glue to attach magnets to the back and use these on the fridge.


7. Baby clothing snack pouches

Please be sure that you are using clean and stain-free clothing for this one. Using the old clothing you can make small envelope style snack pouches, perfect as reusable snack containers to hold all sorts of things from animal crackers to those little teething biscuits. This lets you do away with plastic bags and you can just throw them into the washing machine after each use to keep them clean and sanitary.


8. Nursery Wall Art

If you are looking for something that you can decorate with, silhouette wall art made from scraps of outgrown clothing is perfect. These letters are perfect for decorating your nursery with!


9. Party Bunting

Use these tiny clothes as decoration for your little ones next birthday. Will help cut costs on decorations and will give a cute homely feel to your party too. This is super easy and you don’t even need a sewing machine to do this one. Simply cut as many triangle shapes as you need for your bunting and using an eyelet tool you can simply attach them together with rope from your local diy store or cut out strips from the old clothing to tie the bunting together. The choice is yours. 


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10. cocobabybox recycling initiative

If you're not feeling too crafty and buying from, why not upcycle tyour organic baby clothes by sending them back after use?

Whether you buy a one off box or a subscription option, up-to 60 days after purchase, we encourage you to send the organic baby clothes back to us and in doing so you will receive 15% cash back on your purchase.

So you can still get involved in the upcycling movement, without too much effort.  

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