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Forest Tree Print Baby Leggings, Organic Baby Clothes , Unisex, Girl, Boy, Gift, Trouser, Newborn, Toddler, organic baby clothes

Organic baby clothes | Baby Legging | Tree Print

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We love organic cotton baby clothes here at cocobabybox and our amazingly soft drop crotch trouser featuring our super cute tree print is the perfect unisex option for your little one.

Featuring an elastic waistband and cuff for easy undressing and made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. These trousers are a great gift option or easy piece for your little ones wardrobe.

Sizing follows a standard UK guideline.
For best results machine wash inside out at 30 degrees and line dry.

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Product Details

Product details

  • 100% Organic Cotton Baby Clothes
  • GOTS Certification ensures our garments are printed without the use of harsh chemicals making it safe for your little one
  • Sizing follows a standard UK guideline
  • For best results machine wash inside out at 30 degrees and line dry
  • Please refer to our Returns & Recycle section for more information on delivery timings
Recycling Initiative

Your little one is not even 4 months old and has already outgrown 2 rounds of clothing sizes. Tiny clothes are expensive and on average a baby grows 8 clothes sizes before their 2nd birthday. This means that, on average, parents will buy almost 300 pieces of clothing over a couple of years. Clothes that are only used a few times before they become too small.

Our recycling initiative helps a little with this, by giving you the option to return your cocobabybox after up-to 60 days. 

Whether you buy an individual item or a subscription, once your little one has grown out of the clothes, we encourage you to send the clothes back to us and receive 15% cash back based on your original order value.

Or you can keep the products, we'll leave this one up-to you!